One of the most important things you can do to care for the earth and your community is to create nutrient rich soil by making compost.


Composting makes a huge difference in the environment by lowering greenhouse emissions, regenerating the soil, revitalizing water sources, and fostering food security into the future.


Compost is a soil-like mix of decayed and decaying organic matter and microbes to help the decomposition process.


The organic materials can include garden trimmings, leaves, mulch, grass clippings, some paper products, and food scraps such as raw and cooked fruits, vegetables and grains, eggshells and coffee grounds.


How to get started? Check out advise from the Soil Association:


Wormery – yep worms!


Don't throw out food scraps. Instead make a wormery and compost all your food scraps.


Wormery composting uses worms in a sealed, multi-layered container that turns your kitchen scraps into super-rich compost. You can quickly and easily recycle your kitchen scraps without even getting your hands dirty. Saves on transport and disposal costs and stops methane being produced by the food going into landfill. Great and fun way to help the environment.


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